A one-day workshop that will redefine your objectives and realign your marketing approach, to give your business bigger results 


A spotlight session is a complete review of your marketing approach, past and present, which puts your business under the microscope.  We all know how difficult it is to take time out, but this one-day workshop will prove invaluable to your business and its future.


In a Spotlight Session we will cover (and challenge!):


  • Your business plan, mission statement and objectives

  • Company performance against the above

  • SWOT evaluation and competitor analysis  

  • Review of all current marketing activity

  • Honest feedback and guidance on your marketing approach 

  • Clear advice and direction from consultantc marketing 


Follow up activity will include:


  • A complete, bespoke marketing strategy (your "bible" to follow and refer to)

  • A marketing action plan for the next 6 months for your business

  • The opportunity to book a marketing review session after 3 months (free of charge)

Cost per one-day session - £995


It is recommended that no more than 4 people from your business attend the session.  Numbers are kept small so that there is a clear focus (which works better with smaller groups). 


Sessions are flexible and can be held on-site at your office, or you are invited to visit consultantc marketing where we will provide lunch

along with refreshments - 


Herald Way, Pegasus Business Park, Castle Donington, DE74 2TZ


We look forward to seeing you!

Call - 07824 447464

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Herald Way, Pegasus Business Park, Castle Donington, Derby, DE74 2TZ

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