Just how engaging is your social content?

Hands up if you've experienced writer's block when trying to post something on social media?

You want to be witty, professional, and interesting, but getting the balance right isn't easy, and often we try and play it safe by using common words and phrases that we know won't offend or cause controversy. The downside however is that we may come across as a little dull and tiresome.

Let's face it, with so much social noise happening out there, it's difficult to sometimes even start to write something that your audience will actually stop and read, let alone engage with!

But airing on the side of caution has lead to many "samey" style posts, with similar terminology and a huge overuse of words such as "interesting" and "great" (and I for one should know, as I fall into this trap all of the time).

If you take a look at this "interesting" (but for the point of this exercise, let's say "thought-provoking") poll below, you'll see that most of us prefer a narrative writing style when we communicate, so basically - we want to tell a story.

BUT, we aren't all great at storytelling, and it's often easier to stick with the corporate language that we are all accustomed to when we post a company update on social media.

There are however, alternative words and phrases that can be used to mix up your social banter and inject more life into to.

Here are 3 of the most overused words and phrases that I see (and write!) on social media, with some other options for you to try...

1. I had a great time...

A great way to show you had a great time is to actually give an example of what made it so great (and there I go overusing already).

As an example .. Listening to the key note speakers at the networking event last week really helped me think about how I approach marketing for my business. It made it a really great event.

If you feel that "great" is a little lacklustre, try...

  • Super

  • Terrific

  • Fantastic

  • Brilliant

2. An interesting article...

If you read something online that you found really interesting, point out which part. Your audience may thank you for sharing and it certainly makes your post more credible if you highlight what you actually learned or enjoyed.

If you're not feeling inspired by "interesting", try...

  • Inspiring

  • Informative

  • Useful

  • Absorbing

3. We're looking forward to...

This is another commonly used phrase to express excitement (I see it often for events, product launches and new recruits!). Again, remember the narrative style approach and tell a story. Other options could include...

  • We can't believe that it's been a year since the last showcase event - who else will be joining us next week?

  • The countdown is on! This time last year we were stuffing goodie bags and sampling the sweets

  • We're hoping to top the 250 visitors we had at our event last year, and so far over 300 of you have registered. Thanks for your support!

If you're stuck in a rut for engaging social media content, get in touch with Consultant C Marketing today and let's do cake

Source - Four Different Types of Writing Styles: Expository, Descriptive, Persuasive, and Narrative


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