Content Marketing? Urg! I have to write stuff...

I've heard this quite a lot lately, and of course, if you hate writing then it's understandable!

But content marketing isn't just about writing press releases, articles or pulling together whatever else you think might float the next boat. Great content can be short, it can be snappy, it doesn't have to be written AND it can be re-purposed (but not copied!).

Anyone excited yet? Good, I'll continue...

I heard something on the radio the other day which struck a chord. A journalist was being interviewed about their passion for writing, and they said that their purpose was to get the reader to finish the article before turning the page. And that's our purpose too. Why start something that no one is going to want to finish?

Here are three of my suggestions for creative content ideas that DON'T include lots of writing...

1. Get real

Like it or loath it, we live in a voyeuristic society where people have a natural curiosity to find out more about others. For some, it's become a borderline obsession across social media, but you can use it to your advantage.

Testimonials, comments and quotes from your team or customers about your business can play a huge part in building a positive brand and reputation. All they need is a little adaptation, accompanied by a decent photo and voila, you have credible content for your social channels and website.

2. Infograph it up

"I don't like cartoons!". That was the reaction from a client recently about a competitors new illustrated approach. "Ah ok I said, so you noticed it then?". Enough said. Infographics are cool and quirky (and also referred to as "data viz"), but you don't have to be down with the kids to create them. I have a mild addiction to It's free and easy to use. Fresh.

3. Video for the winner

Video isn't just engaging, it can be REALLY powerful. But the key is to keep it short, on-message, and of course interesting. If you try and make an amateur video in-house and it looks a bit naff, then it probably is. Get some expert help. I'm fans of these guys -

I'm a big advocate of practicing what I preach, so my challenge is to create new content in each of these formats in the next month.

Why not give it a try too?

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