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15 Jun 2018

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) or as I've fondly called it in the past Pain-Per-Click, can be a bit marmite.... Wasting time and money on online advertising that doesn't deliver results is frustrating (not to mention costly).

Fortunately, with some Planning, Patience and Collabor...

6 Jun 2018

I've studied a fair bit of "Compulsory Theory" in my time.  And those words still give me mild palpitations when I think back to dreaded exams, and of course, that all important driving theory test.

17 years ago I studied MBO (Management by Objectives) by Drucker.  It t...

24 May 2018

That's what I heard someone say in Costa the other day

They continued: "I've tried everything. Advertising doesn't work. Social media doesn't work. There's too much of everything everywhere!"

Well, to an extent I agree, but the one thing that they didn't mention as I li...

30 Apr 2018

Hands up if you've experienced writer's block when trying to post something on social media? 

You want to be witty, professional, and interesting, but getting the balance right isn't easy, and often we try and play it safe by using common words and phrases t...

28 Mar 2018

Several things spring to mind, starting with my gym membership (although oddly having it actually makes me feel a bit better about not going), the monthly direct debit that covers my household appliances in the event of a breakdown (a necessary evil), and the numerous...

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