The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing

​When I started out on my marketing career journey almost 20 years ago, marketing was a very different animal.  It was about sales and promotions, discounts and offers.  Customer journey wasn't a thing, if a company had a website it was a novelty and not the norm, and ask anyone about social media and the closest thing was probably the social networking site MySpace. 


These days we're talking about digital transformation, user experience and virtual reality.  The future of marketing is exciting, but for some businesses it's a scary place - trying to work out what to do to get their brand heard and even more importantly - how to do it well. 

The best marketing doesn't feel like marketing.  Years ago it was evident if you were being 'sold to', but customers no longer want that.  They want to be educated, nurtured and loved, in the way that the best brands in the world know how to. 


If you're really good at what you do and you want to work out how to shout about it, get in touch.

We can help to create a marketing plan and strategy for your business, or focus on areas that you need more support in, including PR, Social Media, Websites and Content.



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